How To Find A Weightlifting Coach

Weightlifting forces the lifter to get in tune with their bodies.

We know what warm-ups work well; we know what it takes to recover; and we know when things aren’t feeling right.

But, then there are times when we think we know what we need, but we fall short.

Training may not be going well, so we begin to think we may need “this” or should add “some of those” to our training. 

But these are the times when, “ya just gotta trust your coach and allow the training to evolve…” Evolve?!

To see the true potential of any training, it needs time. It needs time to…do its thing. The volumes and intensities are set up for a reason.

The exercises are there for a reason.

They’re all mixed ‘n matched to achieve a specific goal for both the current cycle, AND the subsequent cycle(s). For example…

Typically, the phase before a competitive cycle is one that emphasizes strength.

This strength helps fortify your foundation for the competitive cycle where you’ll do more snatch and clean & jerk related lifts. 

 In this strength phase, you’ll probably see the majority of your training volume in the 1-5 range for squats and pulls.

Some variations of the lifts will exist, but a greater % of your training volume will lean towards strength.

 Your coach did this to emphasize…strength! If more lift specific work is added here, your body may be “distracted” from fulling obtaining strength.

And, not to mention that you only have so much energy…

The lifts, and their variations, are extremely demanding movements. Not to say that squats and pulls lack effort, but the lifts are…the lifts.

They require a lot. If you start adding them in, your energy levels will surely drop, and you won’t be able to push the strength stuff – the quality in the spotlight.  

…But, let’s just say you did add in some lifts, and it didn’t seem to phase you. You felt like your technique was on point.

But then you got to the meet, and you were shot. Truth be told, fatigue likes to hide. 

Don’t be surprised. It happens.

 Try to remember, that with any training program there will be an emphasis quality. For it to be realized, your coach will “dialed down” other qualities.

This will allow you to fulfill your needs and, prevent any overtraining.

Once you start adding things in, you run a big risk of not addressing your needs…and just wasting time.

Trust the process.

Trust the plan. 

Trust your coach.