Our Story

It all started in a basement with no windows, no A/C, and a leaky roof. The year was 2016 when owner Kyle Dosterschill’s dream of creating an Olympic Weightlifting gym became a reality—an  Olympic Weightlifting community in Dallas that puts its members’ progress first. 

You see, Kyle was tired of seeing the poor techniques and stunted progress rampant in globo gyms and Crossfit boxes. He realized the problems stemmed from the gyms’ misplaced priorities and unwelcoming atmosphere. Consequently, Kyle shifted his focus from competing to coaching. As an Olympic Weightlifter with a long career in competitive sports, he set out to create a gym that was not only welcoming, but prioritized the fitness needs of the individual. 

Thus, Hunger in the Wild was born from this dream and now offers a variety of strength and conditioning classes for adults of all fitness levels as well as youth, both on-site and online.

Our Story

We want people of all fitness levels and backgrounds to have a safe, encouraging place to train with expert coaches and a tight-knit community to support you along the way.

Building this dream was a journey that has been nothing short of rocky. Since its beginnings in an 800 square-foot basement, the Hunger in the Wild family has weathered a fire that destroyed our location and much of our equipment. But in true Hunger in the Wild wolfpack fashion, our members have stayed loyal, and we thank you. The Hunger in the Wild pack has since realized that together, there’s nothing we can’t overcome and accomplish.

At Hunger in the Wild, we promise to match you with programming that works for you! Our welcoming and encouraging gym family is here to push you every day — no matter your fitness level and goals. Check out our classes and join our wolfpack!

Our Goal

At Hunger in the Wild, we prioritize coaching that fits the needs of the individual. We’re not your run-of-the-mill gym that herds you and a dozen others along with the same prescribed fitness program. Every individual has different fitness levels and athletic goals, that may require a different training and conditioning journey. 

Our goal is to match you with programming that challenges you at your current fitness level, while providing a welcoming, encouraging atmosphere to reach your athletic goals. That’s why we aim to offer a variety of on-site classes in our Dallas, TX location with top-of-the-line coaching, as well as flexible, online virtual coaching.

We’re on a bold mission to set new industry standards by providing education, inspiration, and expertly designed strength training programs to people all around the world. 

HITW Culture

At Hunger in the Wild, we’re dedicated to being the place where the best get better. We believe that every day is a new opportunity to take concrete steps that will enable us to accomplish our fitness and strength training goals. By approaching each of our journeys with a mindset of power and virility, we reap the lifelong rewards of our hard work to enjoy every benefit this world has to offer.

Our mission is to provide the best coaching and education services in the entire fitness industry—specially in the Olympic weightlifting category—to hungry individuals from around the globe. We hope to inspire others to become the best versions of themselves in every aspect of their daily lives and to create a community that believes in creating a better tomorrow.

At Hunger in the Wild, we believe in something much bigger than ourselves. Our company exists to fill the void in the fitness industry by providing world-class support to our clients who believe they can do anything that they set their mind to.

Our highest priority is helping every individual within our community achieve their own individual version of success. We do this by helping you create the new healthy habits that lead to the physical and mental changes that you truly desire. And we know first hand just how hard this journey can be. When you join Hunger in the Wild, you can count on our team to show up and support you, day in and day out.

We exist to help people change their lives for the better. With proper education, techniques and tangible practices, we can change the lives of our community and give them the tools to live fulfilling lives.

The following core values make up our DNA and permeate everything we do:

  • Tenacious (te·na·cious)
  • Selfless (self·less)
  • Focus (fo·cus)


Start Today!

We’ve helped more than 10,000 individuals reach their fitness and nutrition goals for a healthier, stronger, and happier lifestyle. No matter your fitness level, we offer a welcoming and encouraging fitness community to help you reach your optimal fitness goals. Ready to join the Hunger in the Wild Wolfpack? Start your journey today!

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