Junji Shibata

"I started with Hunger in the Wild way back in 2017 when they were just getting started and operating down in the depths of Crossfit Heat... aka THE DUNGEON. They had bare essential equipment and facilities, but what made Hunger in the Wild so great, were the coaches and the members.

I am proud to see that what made Hunger in the Wild fundamentally great is still intact and getting better every day. I am forever grateful in finding Hunger in the Wild.

What can be said about Hunger in the Wild that hasn't already been said by so many others?

They have top notch state of the art facilities / incredibly knowledgeable and personable coaches and great members who make up this amazing community with a close family type of feeling. They will help you in every way possible to obtain your personal goals, whether that be strength / olympic lifting / body composition, or athletic performance goals.

All you have to do is put in the work and follow the path that they've laid out for you."

Kennith Baer

"Hunger in the Wild is built from the ground up to help you reach your goals. I have been a member here for 5+ years and my goals have shifted with the various seasons of life. From fat loss to strength gain and improvement in the Olympic lifts or even increasing cardiovascular capacity - whatever my goals have been, Kyle and his team of committed coaches have worked with me and focused my workouts in order to achieve those goals.

Since joining Hunger in the Wild I have lost over 40lbs of fat, gained more muscle than any other time in my life, and for the last 12 months I have maintained 10% body fat (which we track on a quarterly basis using the InBody Pro testing we do on a quarterly basis).

The training here has allowed me to crush my goals while completing: a half-marathon, my first ever Olympic lifting competition and drastically improving my overall health & fitness.

If you're looking to take your fitness to the next level, Hunger in the Wild is this spot.


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Olympic weightlifting classes are led by (2-3) USAW nationally certified instructors and have a max capacity of (20) participants per session. Olympic weightlifting sessions operate in a unique, (90) minute open training format where athletes start and finish their individual workouts at their own pace.

Strength &

Strength & hiit conditioning classes are led by (1) primary instructor and have a max capacity of (12) participants. Each strength class lasts (60) minutes from start to finish. Classes are conducted in a closed group style training format where the instructor leads all class participants through each individual section of the workout together.


Magical mobility classes are led by Hunger in the Wild's movement specialist, Natalie Parsley, and have a max capacity of (12) participants. Each class lasts (30) minutes in total length and is conducted in a closed group style training format, where the instructor guides the group through the entire flexibility and mobility workout together.

Olympic Weightlifting

Hunger in the Wild's Olympic weightlifting training hall set up has an incredibly unique design that you will not find anywhere else. The facility features 10 full size olympic training platforms, each comes standard with a set of competition bumper plates and a squat rack. Additionally, you'll find olympic weightlifting standard equipment like competition collars, pulling and jerk blocks, safety bars for jerk recoveries, plyo boxes for jumps and so much more.

Functional Strength

Hunger in the Wild's functional strength training area features specialty equipment like conditioning sleds, landmine attachments, glute building barbells & pads, 40 yds of indoor field turf and a 24 ft Rogue Monster Rig. This area was specifically designed for the strength training group classes, but it's a natural fit for just about every individual who walks through our door.

Specialty Equipment

You'll find plenty of accessory equipment throughout Hunger in the Wild's 7,000 sqft facility. From dumbbells up to 125 lbs, to adjustable & flat benches, more than 20 squat racks, 15KG & 20KG specialty barbells and a variety of strength training machines like the reverse hyper, lat pulldown, chest supported barbell row, t-bar row, low cable row, GHD, 45 degree hyperextension, belt squat, assault runner treadmills, concept-2 rowers and rogue echo & assault bikes.

Recovery Zone

Hunger in the Wild provides several recovery treatments and therapy services to help members stay healthy, fit and strong. From weekly flexibility and mobility classes, to one-on-one custom stretching sessions and convenient in-house massage therapy from two of Dallas's top therapists; HITW's RECOVERY zone has everything you need to perform your best, while staying injury free.