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Remote Coaching

Hunger in the Wild’s online training programs are effective, affordable and the perfect fit for anyone who’s looking to build a bigger, stronger and more powerful physique!

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HITW's Newest Remote Coach!

Fernando Reis

Receive technique based remote coaching and expert training advice from the two time Olympian and strongest weightlifter in all of the Americas, Fernando Reis!

Train Like a Two Time Olympian!

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Remote Coaching Programs

What to expect

Hunger in the Wild provides that ONLINE TRAINING is a remote coaching platform where individual athletes from around the world can train within an online team environment, while receiving world class coaching and professional instruction.

Option #1

1-on-1 Training

Our 1-on-1 training option is our premium online coaching service. This program pairs athletes with a personal coach who aligns with their personal goals. Your coach will create a 100% custom training program to fit your goals. 

Hunger in the Wild online 1-on-1 training subscriptions start at less than $62.50 per week!

Option #2

Team Training

When you sign up for one of Hunger in the Wild’s team training programs, you get instant access to the training program of your choice; with the flexibility to change programs anytime for free. You can also cancel your subscription anytime you want, right from within your account’s web dashboard.

Hunger in the Wild online team training subscriptions start at less than $2.00 per day!

l1 Olympic Weightlifting

3 Sessions Per Week

60 Minute Workouts

Beginner Level

l2 Olympic Weightlifting

5 Sessions Per Week

90 Minute Workouts

Intermediate Level

l3 Olympic Weightlifting

6 Sessions Per Week

120 Minute Workouts

Advanced Level

Hybrid Bodybuilding

5 sessions Per Week

Olympic Weightlifting



Hybrid Performance

5 Sessions Per Week

Olympic Weightlifting

Metabolic Conditioning


Strength & HIIT

6 Sessions Per Week

Functional Strength

Metabolic Conditioning


5 Sessions Per Week




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How it works

Our coaches collect data on every workout that our athletes perform. They’ll review data from different areas, such as the amount of weight lifted, skipped workouts, completion percentage, and more. Our coaches will also analyze the technique videos and athlete posts to the team feed inside the Teambuildr mobile app. 

Our coaches create our weightlifting programs based on the team averages once all the necessary data has been reviewed. As a result, we can develop effective programs for the entire group at a fraction of the cost of working with a personal coach. 

Upon signing up for a HITW online training program, you’ll receive an invitation to schedule a free one-on-one goal-setting session with a coach. You can use this session to ask questions and ensure you’re in the right program. 

Athletes will also receive the HITW Nutrition for Performance eBook and HITW’s Competition Peaking Program for free. 

Teambuildr App

Remote Coaching Software

All workouts take place on an app called Teambuildr. We’ve used Teambuildr for almost 10 years, to great success and fanfare.

Once athletes sign-up for a program subscription and download the Teambuildr mobile app, they’ll be able to access their program at anytime and from anywhere.

– Exercise technique demo videos

– Coaching tips and technique cues

– Unlimited technique video analysis

– Auto strength and progress tracker

– Journal notes and video storage

– Easy exercise swapping feature

– In-app direct messaging system

– Cancel anytime 100% risk free

– Change training programs anytime