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What is HITW Online?

A powerful combination of world class coaching, elite competition and the industry's most advanced mobile app.

How it Works

Each online training program has an assigned and dedicated head coach who's responsible for monitoring performance and progress. The Teambuildr app's software provides each coach with a list of weekly scores and individual results. We collect your data and then we use it to help you achieve amazing results.

How to Get Started

Follow these simple steps to bigger lifts, improved technique, faster progress and better results!

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Choose the program that fits your goals and lifestyle.

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Register an account on the app.

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Start your training program subscription.

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Enter Max Lifts

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Follow a proven program, the right way, with all the right guidance and support every step of the way.

Olympic Weightlifting

$ 25
  • 60 - 90 Minutes
  • 6 Workouts Per Week
  • Open to All Levels
  • A competitive style training program that's been proven to improve and increase sport specific strength and skill. You'll hit PRs on the platform and earn your way to the top spot on the medalist podium.


$ 25
  • 45 - 60 Minutes
  • 6 Workouts Per Week
  • Open to All Levels
  • It's truly a hybrid program; successfully incorporating the most effective training methods into one single program. Improve your olympic lifts while burning fat and building mounds of functional muscle.


$ 25
  • 45 - 60 Minutes
  • 6 Workouts Per Week
  • Open to All Levels
  • A training program thats designed to build muscle, increase strength and shed unwanted body fat. It includes everything you need to build the strong and confident body you've always wanted.

All-In-One Coaching App

Team Leaderboards

Compete for the top spot.

Strength Tracking

Auto track strength and new records.

Program Visibility

24/7 training program access.

Training History

Save workout history and notes.

Progress Charts

No more guessing.

Community Support

Access to the Private Facebook Group.

Technique Videos

Demo videos for every exercise.

Video Analysis

Post videos for your coaches to review.


Find out what people are saying about the HITW Online Training Programs.

“Since beginning the program my confidence, technique and control have improved significantly. We’ve spent so much time analyzing my lifts and working on the weaker parts of each, this was something I’d never experienced. Other coaches have always just given me a statement about what I was doing wrong. But Kyle I has always given me a variety of ways to improve each lift in the exact areas where I need it most. If someone was on the fence about joining Hunger In The Wild, I would tell them that there aren’t many services that will actually take the time to care about you as an individual and I can say for sure that you aren’t going to be just a customer, you will be a valued member of a team.”
Jalen S.
"From day 1, I was given the challenges that I never knew I wanted or needed. As opposed to sensationalized forms of training that go ‘all-out’, the training at HITW was ‘smarter, not harder’. Michele and Kyle put a lot of thought into programming that builds from the group up; arguably, not the most popular, but it is definitely effective. When I joined the gym I strictly followed S&C programming, and fully transitioned to weightlifting a year later. I have been training with Kyle and Michele for 2.5 years and have seem massive strides in my progress. My strength form and stamina are beyond what I ever thought possible when I first walked into HITW."
Ingeborg RB.
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