Three Personal Training Sessions Designed for Beginners!

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What to Expect

The Hunger in the Wild Olympic Weightlifting Ramp-Up includes three personal training sessions with a certified and experienced coach. We’ve carefully designed each training session to properly teach beginner athletes how to properly perform each of the three classic olympic lifts. Your coach will work with you to customize and tailor each training session to fit your individual needs and match your personal goals.

Session 1

Snatch Technique

Session 2

Clean Technique

Session 3

Split Jerk Technique

3 Private Sessions

Learning the Olympic lifts within a proven and perfected training system provides you more time to focus on the finer details of each individual lift. This simple concept allows for more time to learn and fully understand how to train, improve and progress within the sport of Olympic weightlifting.

This program is a pre-requisite to join the Hunger in the Wild weightlifting classes and training sessions.

After successfully completing the Ramp-Up, you’ll be ready to join one of the HITW Olympic weightlifting group classes and/or train, progress and succeed on your own!

Take a sneak peak inside HITW’s Olympic weightlifting ramp-up package!