Oly Ramp Up

Three Personal Training Sessions to Learn the Olympic Lifts

Olympic Weightlifting

Three 1-on-1 coaching sessions designed to help athletes learn, develop and improve the skill and technique necessary to properly perform the snatch, clean and split jerk. Hunger in the Wild is recognized as the premier Olympic Weightlifting Training Facility in Dallas, Texas. The program is led by international athlete and coach, Kyle Dosterschill. Schedule your first Olympic Weightlifting Ramp Up session and set yourself up to achieve greater success.

3 Private Sessions

Each session is entirely devoted to learning one of the three classical lifts. This structure provides more time to focus on the details of each exercise. You’ll immediately feel more confident in your ability to properly perform and progress in each of the three classical exercises.

Session 1

Snatch Technique

Session 2

Clean Technique

Session 3

Split Jerk Technique

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