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The Hunger in the Wild Gym is a proud sponsor of the “Uplift Dallas Olympic Weightlifting Academy” scholarship program. Together we offer the best coaching available in the United States, unlimited access to state of the art training facilities, preventative health and performance based physical therapy consulting and fully paid for competitive scholarships that include: travel expenses, hotel and lodging, training and competition equipment, apparel coaching, competition entry fees, club memberships and even 0% APR financing on loans used to pay for USAW coaching certifications and memberships.

Although the program starts with competitive Olympic weightlifting scholarships for youth and junior athletes, Hunger in the Wild’s elite team of coaches and mentors help each individual athlete find a career path that excites them and then we work together to create a long term vision, inspirational mission and a personal mantra that helps them go from where they are — to where they want to be!

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