16-week Olympic Lifting Training Cycle: Phase Three

Technical Strength Strength comes in many denominations, each necessary but insufficient on its own. As an athlete, our goal should be to develop each of these without allowing one to dominate. In prior phases, we’ve focused on fitness and pulling and squatting strength. This time, we’ll focus on something a little different. Technical strength: [...]

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18 Week Strength & Conditioning Training Cycle: Phase One

Cycle Overview This 18 week cycle will include three phases: Phase one: Transitional Phase (Week 1 - 2) Phase two: Part one and two: Strength Development Phase (Week 3 - 10) Phase three: Part one and two: Power & Speed Development Phase (Week 11 - 18) Phase One: Transition (Week 1-2) Just like that, [...]

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16-week Olympic Lifting Training Cycle: Phase Two

Foundational Strength The second phase of our 16-Week Training Cycle is a 4-week strength block, dedicated to improving pulling and squatting strength with an emphasis on developing the posterior chain. It’s here, in the Foundational Strength Phase, where the transition ends and the real work begins. Olympic weightlifters are known for having unbelievably strong [...]

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16-week Olympic Lifting Training Cycle: Phase One

Transition The first phase of our 16-Week training cycle is a short 2-week transitional training phase. This will be followed by bulk of the program, two separate 8-week cycles each designed with specific goals in mind.  Before we get to that point though, we need to reset our body, recover from our previous routine, [...]

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Stress-free Holiday Workouts

While certainly a time to celebrate and share with loved ones, the holidays can be stressful too. No, I’m not talking about the kind of stress that comes from sitting next to your MAGA-lovin’ aunt Kathy at dinner or listening to your gluten-free, vegan, paleo sister Tara talk about her life-changing experience in Costa [...]

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Fixing the Forward Jump

As in every other area of life, unless you’re an expert, you’re probably doing it wrong. Whether it’s cooking, cleaning, obeying traffic rules, securing your computer network, raising your kid, whatever, it’s guaranteed that you’re doing several things incorrectly every single day. Some of these technical errors are conscious, slowly rolling through a deserted [...]

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Overcoming Front Rack Mobility Issues

Inadequate front rack flexibility can slow progress, lead to injury, and make cleans, front squats and most overhead lifts feel like hell on earth. The front rack is often an athlete’s worst enemy, and as a result, most will shy away from any movement that incorporates it. The alternative, while certainly more difficult, is [...]

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Relieve Hip Pain and Restore Proper Mobility

Kyle Dosterschill “You’re telling me that you’ve been living with low back pain for over a year?!” That was my response to learning about one of our new member’s ongoing battle with chronic pain, tightness, and overall discomfort in her lower back. After multiple failed attempts to treat the symptoms, she reluctantly decided [...]

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The Accountability Log

Kyle Dosterschill “I just don’t understand. I eat well, I train hard, and I do all the things necessary to achieve my goals, but I still can’t ______________.” We all have these blanks in our lives. Goals and ambitions we want to accomplish but haven’t been able to for some reason. Focusing on [...]

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Bodybuilding Assistance Work for Weightlifters

Kyle Dosterschill The 3 workouts below can be used as independent training sessions or tacked on to the end of a hard session. If implemented correctly they should each take around 15-45 minutes and be performed 1-2 times per week. Keep in mind these workouts are meant to compliment your weightlifting training and [...]

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