Athlete Development Training Camp 2022

What to expect

Olympic Weightlifting Training Camp

First and foremost, this 3-day intensive Olympic weightlifting training camp will provide you with plenty of opportunities to improve technique through direct hands on and in-person coaching from USAW Level-2 Certified National Coach and long time International Competitor, Kyle Dosterschill.

All participants will complete each of the 3 workouts listed below, together as a single team in unison. By simply organizing training in such a way it allows for you to watch and learn from the other athletes who are doing the exact same exercises, at the exact same time, as you. It also promotes common questions to be asked and answers to be discussed amongst the entire group of athletes.


Day 1

Friday - 7/15

4:30pm - 6:30pm

The first workout of the 3-day intensive camp will include power snatch singles and power clean & jerk singles up to around 80% – 90% depending on experience level.

Athletes will complete all workouts together as a team, while coaches actively coach, correct and demonstrate proper technique. 

We’ll finish off this workout with a 30 minute Olympic weightlifting specific mobility flow that will promote faster recovery and improved performance for the next days heavy training session.

Day 2

Saturday - 7/16

12:00pm - 2:30pm

Saturday’s workout will closely resemble what a typical Saturday workout looks like for Hunger in the Wild’s competitive team as they near the end of a competition preparation training phase.

Today’s workout will include extended warm-ups, max effort snatch singles and max effort clean & jerk singles.

This workout will be completed at your own personal pace and last around 2 hours. Athlete will complete this workout together as a team. 

Day 3

Sunday - 7/17

12:00pm - 2:30pm

The final workout of the training camp will be reserved for heavy strength work that includes, snatch and clean pull variations, front and back squats and split jerk variations like the push press.

Athletes will move from one exercise to the next as a team and coaches will actively correct technique errors and make suggestions on how you can make training adjustments in the future to continue working to improve technique, even if you train on your own.


Olympic weightlifting training camp

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Winter Camp Highlight Video

Check out this short highlight video from Hunger in the Wild’s Winter Training Camp 2022!


Get to know the coaching staff

Kyle Dosterschill

Head Coach

Mario Beltran

Assistant HEAD Coach

Jessica Iliff


Natalie Parsley


Madison Ward

Assistant Coach

Kenderic McMillian

Assistant CoacH

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