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Strength Training Classes

Over the years the term “strength and conditioning” has grown away from its roots and lost its true meaning. At Hunger in the Wild we’ve decided to take the bull by the horns. Our goal is to combat the widespread epidemic of low quality coaching by offering experienced and professional fitness instruction at an affordable price.

Hunger in the Wild group training is the perfect fit for any individual who prefers working out in a group setting. We utilize a wide variety of proven methods in every workout, creating a fun and effective training system that’s guaranteed to deliver results.

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Olympic Weightlifting Classes

As Olympic weightlifting continues to grow in popularity so does the demand for professional coaching. We offer elite level coaching from a nationally recognized coach/competitor and a fully outfitted training hall with 10 individual platforms. Hunger in the Wild has quickly grown to be the prominent weightlifting gym in the Dallas area.

Our weightlifting classes focus on the three competition lifts: the Snatch, the Clean, and the Jerk. We offer programs for athletes of all levels; this includes introductory prep cycles for beginners, individual weakness phases for the intermediate, and personal strength and peaking programs for the advanced weightlifter.

If you’re after PR’s, you’ve come to the right place. Class is taught in a group setting and lasts 60 minutes. One-on-one options are also available.      

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Metabolic Conditioning

Our metabolic conditioning classes are designed to challenge an athlete’s endurance, strength and conditioning, regardless of age, ability, or discipline. The facility provides easy access to a wide range of athletic equipment, Olympic weights, platforms, sleds, dumbbells up to 150lbs and so much more. From programming to facility to coaching, our programs are designed with the elite athlete in mind.

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Online Coaching at


Tired of endlessly searching the internet and switching from program to program? Cooker cutter training programs fail to address your individual weaknesses. They simply do not take your personal situation into consideration, thus falling short of optimal progress.

To receive your individualized program all you have to do is sign up, answer a few questions and send a video of each lift. After you do your part, we’ll build a personal training plan from scratch and you’ll be on your way to new records.

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