Personal Training

The fastest path to achieving your biggest and most ambitious goals!

Achieve Better Results!

What to Expect

All personal training packages begin with a thorough client intake form where we collect information regarding your lifestyle, habits, routines, challenges and most importantly, your short and long term goals.

Our team will use your information to match you with the coach who's best skilled to help you achieve your goals and actually enjoy your time training with us at Hunger in the Wild.

Once you've been assigned a personal coach, the next step is for you to schedule your first meeting. This meeting will include a one-on-one consultation, goal setting and strategy session and 100% personalized fitness assessment.

Your coach will use all of the information that we've collected to create a 100% bespoke training program and lifestyle plan thats designed to help you optimize your efforts, both in and out of the gym, while also helping you reach your goals as fast as humanly possible!

Personal training packages include 24/7 access to open gym, unlimited group. classes, weekly accountability check-ins & in-body composition analysis tests, as well as a completely personalized training experience that's curated specifically for you!


Your coach will show up every day to push you closer and closer to achieving your goals.

Better Results

HITW’s award winning personal trainers have the tools and resources that you need to succeed!


Your coach will consider a wide variety of information when building out your new custom training program.


 Take a second, close your eyes and imagine how great it will feel to finally feel proud when you look in the mirror. 

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