Nutrition Coach

Hunger in the Wild is a new and quickly growing health and performance company located in Dallas, Texas. Since opening doors in 2016, HITW has grown to more than 350 clients worldwide and recently expanded into a newly designed 5,000sqft strength training facility in west Dallas.

HITW is looking to incorporate Nutrition into the companies training program offerings, to better serve the existing clientele and reach out to a new demographic. The HITW Nutrition program will be based in Dallas, Texas, but available to online clients worldwide.

In addition the new facility and nutrition program, the HITW Strength Mobile App will launch this year. The Strength app will be used to for remote coaching and programming, both to individuals and teams across the globe. The app is scheduled to launch on or before, December 17th.

Hunger in the Wild is looking for a young and motivated individual to join the team and work together to grow the gym, nutrition program and online coaching business. If you have further questions, please contact [email protected].