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Free access to a custom designed Olympic weightlifting training program designed for master’s level athletes!

Exclusive access to free 16-week Olympic weightlifting training Program designed for Master's athletes

Just like You!

About the program

The Hunger in the Wild coaching staff is  creating a brand new training program designed for master’s level Olympic weightlifting athletes over the age of 35 who still want to train, progress and possibly even compete.

Fill out the athlete assessment form linked below and you’ll automatically receive 16-weeks of free program access once the program launches on October 3, 2022!

Who's it for?

Training programs designed by industry experts and tailored to fit the needs of the athlete who use them! If you are having a hard time working out like you did when you were in your 20's, consistently experiencing new aches and long lasting pains... This is the program for you!


A program designed by experts using the latest research and literature.

Personal Goals

An entire 16-week training cycle created specifically for you.

Faster Progress

Make faster progress while staying healthy and injury free.

What to expect

Fill out this form and you’ll automatically receive instant access to Hunger in the Wild’s new online master’s Olympic weightlifting training program!

The program is set to release on October 3, 2022!

How it works

Our team will review the answers that you provide when filling out this athlete assessment form and then we will use your answers to design, refine and finalize a 16-week Olympic weightlifting master’s training program!

it's Really free?

Yes! Every individual who properly fills out and submits a form before September 12, 2022 will automatically receive 16-weeks of free program access as soon as the program is released on October 3, 2022!


Contact Hunger in the Wild customer support by sending an email to support@hungerinthewild.com or texting us at (682) 558-3165!