Group Classes and Individual Coaching

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Individual Coaching
$550.00 Per Month

Two private sessions per week, unlimited correspondence, custom program design and unlimited access to all HITW classes.

Unlimited Classes
$160.00 Per Month

The ultimate combination of training intensity, schedule flexibility and community support.

Access to all HITW classes, workshops and open gym.

Drop In's
$25.00 Per Visit

Strength and Conditioning
Olympic Weightlifting
HIIT Conditioning

Training Programs

Strength &

A unique combination of strength, power and athletic performance. 

Build Functional Muscle, burn fat and achieve your biggest goals.

60 Minute Group Class
All Experience Levels


This class meets twice per week and was designed to fit with the other HITW training programs.

Lose weight, improve conditioning and feel like an athlete again.

60 Minute Group Class
All Experience Levels


A weightlifting class that focuses on building strength and improving technique.

Build specific strength, improve efficiency and hit PR after PR.

60 Minute Group Class
All Experience Levels

A Closer Look Inside HITW
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