Gym Memberships

Strength & HIIT, Olympic Weightlifting and Conditioning

Achieve Better Results

Our goal is to provide each and every athlete with every possible chance to succeed. We go above and beyond to make sure your needs are met and your goals are always achieved. All memberships include unlimited group classes, access to open gym and personalized training programs via our custom mobile coaching app.

Proven Track Record

We’ve helped thousands of people achieve life changing results.

Designed for Strength

A 10,000sqft fully outfitted strength and conditioning training facility. 

Accomplish Your Goals

Training programs and group classes that focus on individual goals.

What's Included?

All memberships include unlimited access to open gym, personalized training programs and unlimited access to all group classes: strength & hiit, olympic weightlifting, hiit conditioning, ass & abs and magical mobility.

Choose the package that matches your goals and fits your lifestyle!

Bronze Package

Standard Membership


  • Unlimited Group Classes
  • Access to Open Gym
  • Personal Training Program
  • Strength Tracking Mobile App

Hunger in the Wild Gym memberships include access to the HITW private facebook group, unlimited technique analysis via facebook, 1-on-1 strength balance analysis and free travel training programs.

Gold Package

Premium Membership


  • Bronze Package Included
  • + Custom Program Design
  • + Personal Coaching
  • + Weekly Progress Check-Ins

Hunger in the Wild Gym memberships include access to the HITW private facebook group, unlimited technique analysis via facebook, 1-on-1 strength balance analysis and free travel training programs.

Unlimited Group Classes

A variety of options to account for a wide range of personal goals. HITW Gym Memberships include unlimited access to the following list of classes:

Strength & HIIT

A thoughtful and logically structured strength & conditioning program that’s designed to build muscle, burn fat and help you achieve the body of your dreams. This class represents HITW’s foundation and is recommended for all levels of individuals.

HIIT Conditioning

A high intensity interval training conditioning program that occurs 2x weekly. This style of training is great for all athletes and offers performance benefits that no other style of training can achieve. This class is suitable for all individuals and all fitness levels.

Olympic Weightlifting

A 60 minute, free flowing, olympic weightlifting training session that features 1-2 dedicated and detail-oriented coaches. The HITW Olympic weightlifting program is led by two time national champion and international competitor, Kyle Dosterschill. You can expect this class to help you improve technique and build elite level strength, all while training within an inspiring group atmosphere.

Magical Mobility

A unique blend of traditional yoga and modern methods that delivers results to all of those who incorporate. The class is designed to complement HITW’s training programs by focusing on the muscles and joints that need your attention the most.

Ass & Abs

A HIIT style workout that isolates and focuses on the muscles that make up your anterior core and posterior trunk. This 30 minute, non-stop bodybuilding style workout will have your abs burning and booty pumping in no time. Just make sure you bring a towel because you’re going to be drenched in sweat by the time you leave!

Open Gym

Sometimes our daily lives and weekly schedules conflict with group coaching and class opportunities. The days of “missing workouts” are over. HITW gym memberships include unlimited access to open gym.

We’ve taken the bull by the horns and made a commitment to bring strength training back to its roots. Join HITW and experience professional coaching and empowering results.

Strength & HIIT

The HITW coaches guide you through each strength & HIIT workout from start to finish, ensuring 60 minutes of daily progress and success. Each class incorporates a variety of training methods including; strength, hypertrophy and HIIT training methods.

Olympic Weightlifting

Train on an internationally recognized weightlifting program and learn from a team of elite athletes and coaches. Each session focuses on improving your snatch and clean & jerk and 15-18 week professionally designed training programs run in continuous fashion.

Magical Mobility

As lifelong athletes, we understand the importance of mobility and we recognize the value associated with practicing it. So we’ve put together a mobility curriculum that runs parallel to our other HITW training programs. Each week a heavy hit muscle group is addressed and corrected.  

HIIT Conditioning

Improve work capacity, reduce the risk injury and start building the aesthetic body of your dreams. This HIIT conditioning class will rev up your metabolism and help you shed unwanted body fat. If your goals are related to performance and/or body composition, you won’t want to miss this class!


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