Group Classes

All Hunger in the Wild gym memberships come standard with unlimited group classes and 24 hour access to open gym!

Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic weightlifting classes are led by 2-3 USAW nationally certified instructors and have a max capacity of 20 participants per session. Olympic weightlifting sessions operate in a unique, 90 minute open training format where athletes start and finish their individual workouts at their own pace.

Strength & HIIT

Strength & HIIT classes are led by one primary instructor and have a max capacity of 12 participants. Each strength class lasts 60 minutes from start to finish. Classes are conducted in a closed group style training format where the instructor leads all class participants through each individual section of the workout together.


Conditioning classes occur once per week on Saturday mornings and are led by one primary instructor. This class typically last 45 minutes and does not require any participants to attend.

dallas olympic weightlifting strength training gym

magical Mobility

Mobility classes are led by one instructor and have a max capacity of 12 participants. Each class lasts approximately 30 minutes from start to finish. The class flow and structure is slow paced and closely resembles what you might see at your local yoga studio.

24 hour Access

Say goodbye to missed workouts caused by busy work schedules and unexpected life  events. At Hunger in the Wild we include 24 hour access with all gym memberships with hope that this convenient feature helps you workout more consistently, no matter what challenges try to stand in your way!

Mobile App

We use a custom remote coaching mobile app called Teambuildr to distribute personalized training programs, track progress and help you improve technique through technique video analysis and instant in-app communication.