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12-Week Olympic Weightlifting Program

If you are an Olympic weightlifting athlete who wants to increase max strength and improve sport specific skill and technique, then this is the right program for you!

This brand new 12-week Olympic weightlifting development program was designed by two time Olympian and international medalist, Fernando Reis, and university national champion and USAW Level-2 national coach, Kyle Dosterschill. 

The program incorporates the same training philosophies and programming methodologies that helped Fernando Reis become one of the most successful Olympic weightlifters in the history of the sport.

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Free Download!

12-Week Olympic Weightlifting Program

Exclusive Offer

This is your opportunity to download the same 12-week Olympic weightlifting technique development program that helped Fernando Reis become a two time Olympian!

Increase Strength

This program uses the exact same squat frequency, intensity progressions and assistance exercise selections that Fernando used to build a monstrous 350KG (770lbs) back squat!

Improve Technique

One of the most unique aspects of Fernando's training is the seemingly endless number of variational exercises used to improve technique and increase efficiency.