Hunger in the Wild

An Unstoppable Force of Nature

What's the story behind the brand?

“There are few universal truths in this world. Those that do exist are not universal; they’re fundamental. They define what it means to be alive. Man or beast, old or young, we all share these same experiences and the same human truths. 

We are born. We die. We fight. We love. We thirst. We hunger. Even when the summit is conquered, even when our long day’s work is put to rest, even when our bellies are so full we can’t stomach the thought of another bite. We hunger. 

This is what drives us to do more, to build more, to accomplish more. It is what drives us to take care of each other, even when we ourselves are left wanting. It is what drives us to fight in the face of insurmountable, hopeless odds. It is the undying ember at the heart of that eternal flame that cries out, “Just Go and Do It!”

Hunger in the abstract is the embodiment of our drive to push, to do more, to conquer and to grow. “Wild” is a reference to the natural quality of hunger, the fact that it’s something that exists outside of human society or even humanity. It’s a force of nature.

“Hunger in the Wild” is the inexorable, unstoppable force, universal and eternal, that drives all life forward.”

– Kyle Dosterschill

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