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In a basement with no windows, no A/C and a leaky roof, Hunger in the Wild began in 2016 out of owner Kyle Dosterschill’s dream of creating an Olympic Weightlifting gym that put its members’ progress first. 


After seeing the poor technique and stunted progress rampant in globo gyms and Crossfit boxes, Kyle realized that the issues he was seeing didn’t lie within the coaches, but rather in the gym’s priorities and atmosphere. After a long career in competitive sports and Olympic Weightlifting, Kyle decided it was time to shift his focus from competing to coaching and set out to create a gym that offered coaching that fit the needs of the individual.


From this dream, Hunger in the Wild was born, but the journey has been nothing short of rocky. Since its beginnings in an 800 square-foot basement, the Hunger in the Wild family has weathered and a fire that destroyed our location and much of our equipment. But our members have stayed loyal.


At Hunger in the Wild, we’re not here to sell you some bullshit personal training package that promises results you’ll never see. We promise to match you with programming that works for you while providing you with a welcoming, encouraging gym family to push you every day–no matter your fitness level and goals.


Welcome to the Wolfpack!

Our Team

Kyle Dosterschill

Head Olympic Weightlifting Coach​

Mario Beltran

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Natalie Parsley

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Madison Ward

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Jessica Iliff

Nutrition Coach

Bailey Boehm

Nutrition Coach

Westley Karl

Media Director

Sarah Daniel

Content Creator

Kendric McMillian

Intern Strength Coach

Rees Cooksy

Intern Strength Coach

Kyle Dosterschill

Meet the founder and hear the story behind the brand!

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