16-week Olympic Lifting Training Cycle: Phase One


The first phase of our 16-Week training cycle is a short 2-week transitional training phase. This will be followed by bulk of the program, two separate 8-week cycles each designed with specific goals in mind.  Before we get to that point though, we need to reset our body, recover from our previous routine, and prime it for success in the one to come. A well-designed transitional phase just does this and is essential for long term progress and health. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be all easy sailing! You will be seeing “10”s on squats during this phase. While this may sound (and ultimately feel) miserable, high-rep squats improve your strength potential down the road. It’s also a great opportunity to practice and perfect your strength movements. The better your positions and movement in the squat, the better your total on the main lifts.

Also, noticeable is the reduction in weightlifting specific exercises. Remember that the goal for this phase is not to snatch PRs, it’s to simply get in shape and set yourself up for long-term success. We are priming your body by mitigating injury risk and establishing a firm foundation. This is the base of your training in which everything else will development. After the transition, the first 8-week phase is dedicated to developing strength, and the second phase is where we turn that raw strength into speed and power and results!

Transitional Training Phase Goals and Objectives:

CNS Recovery and Rejuvenation

Increase Work Capacity

Improve Flexibility

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