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Within 16 weeks, our clients see a 13% average increase in strength, while also experiencing a 4% average decrease in body fat.

We give you the tools and resources to achieve your goals and we promise to work with you every step of the way!

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You Deserve to be Strong, Healthy and full of energy!

But with so many fitness options out there, it can be confusing which path to take. CrossFit, Yoga, Spin, Globo Gyms and F45 – What should you do?

At Hunger in the Wild, we offer in-person and online strength & conditioning and Olympic weightlifting training. Our training programs have been proven to work. We use the most tried and tested forms of fitness training in the world; and that’s exactly how we consistently deliver the best results in the industry.

You’ll build strength and improve your fitness level, while having more energy and better focus throughout the day. It won’t take long before your friends and family start to notice a difference too.


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Since 2016, we’ve helped more than 10,000 athletes achieve their goals and you could be next! What are you waiting for? Start your journey today!

Coaching Services

individual or group?

Group classes generally consist of a small number of participants completing the same workout, at the same time and under the supervision of the same coach. On the other hand, personal training is 100% personalized and focused on you. You’ll have your own dedicated personal coach who will design a custom training program thats tailored to fit your lifestyle and match your personal goals.

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Remote Coaching

Track your progress, learn correct technique, learn how to eat for performance and so much more with Hunger in the Wild’s custom remote coaching mobile app! Train like a pro-level athlete from anywhere in the world.

Every Skill Level

Free consultations

We offer in-person and online strength training and Olympic weightlifting instruction for any skill level; from brand new beginners who have never lifted a barbell, to advanced competitive athletes who are ready to take their training to the highest level.

Not in Dallas?

train 100% online!

Hunger in the Wild online provides a simple, effective and affordable option that allows for you to train from anywhere in the world using our custom remote coaching mobile app. But that’s not all! When you join Hunger in the Wild online, you get unlimited video analysis and anytime access to our team of world-class coaches.

Get started for $35.00 per month!

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Olympic Weightlifting

Hunger in the Wild's Olympic weightlifting training hall set up has an incredibly unique design that you will not find anywhere else. The facility features 10 full size olympic training platforms, each comes standard with a set of competition bumper plates and a squat rack. Additionally, you'll find olympic weightlifting standard equipment like competition collars, pulling and jerk blocks, safety bars for jerk recoveries, plyo boxes for jumps and so much more.

Functional Strength

Hunger in the Wild's functional strength training area features specialty equipment like conditioning sleds, landmine attachments, glute building barbells & pads, 40 yds of indoor field turf and a 24 ft Rogue Monster Rig. This area was specifically designed for the strength training group classes, but it's a natural fit for just about every individual who walks through our door.

Specialty Equipment

You'll find plenty of accessory equipment throughout Hunger in the Wild's 7,000 sqft facility. From dumbbells up to 125 lbs, to adjustable & flat benches, more than 20 squat racks, 15KG & 20KG specialty barbells and a variety of strength training machines like the reverse hyper, lat pulldown, chest supported barbell row, t-bar row, low cable row, GHD, 45 degree hyperextension, belt squat, assault runner treadmills, concept-2 rowers and rogue echo & assault bikes.

Recovery Zone

Hunger in the Wild provides several recovery treatments and therapy services to help members stay healthy, fit and strong. From weekly flexibility and mobility classes, to one-on-one custom stretching sessions and convenient in-house massage therapy from two of Dallas's top therapists; HITW's RECOVERY zone has everything you need to perform your best, while staying injury free.

about the Gym

The new Hunger in the Wild 5.0 facility features a massive floor plan that covers more 7,500sqft and comes fully equipped with a wide variety of modern day strength training equipment including; 12 Olympic weightlifting platforms, a 24ft Monster Rogue Rig, 30 yards of indoor field turf, an outdoor training area with private access to the Trinity Trail, metabolic conditioning equipment, dumbbells, kettlebells and plenty of accessory strength training machines and sport specific specialty equipment.

The gym is located right in the heart of the Design District just west of downtown Dallas and is easily accessible from i35’s Market Center Blvd exit.

customer reviews

Find out what our customers are saying!

Aadam HusainAadam Husain
22:27 18 Jun 22
This is hands down the best Olympic weightlifting gym in DFW located in a prime location in the Design District. If you are serious about fitness, this is your one-stop shop. They offer everything you need in-house: a complete Rouge Fitness set in an indoor facility, 24x7 access, daily weightlifting and general strength & conditioning classes, weekly mobility classes, seasonal weightlifting camps, personal training, ready-to-go fitness meals & drinks, recovery services, and much more. Ditch your commercial gym membership and come to Hunger in the Wild to see how weightlifting should be done.
Rebecca SmithRebecca Smith
14:23 04 Jun 22
I found Hunger in the Wild after trying almost every gym in the DFW area, I couldn’t find a good fit. I desired community with like minded people AND an intelligently designed program that helped me achieve my goals. HITW is the only place I’ve found where I can have both. The gym is welcoming of everyone regardless of fitness level. We have people who are just getting started and people who have been lifting for decades. You’ll find nothing other than support and people to cheer you on, inside or outside the gym. On top of those points, you also get to work with experienced coaches who will help you with form and keep you injury free, which is priceless. I’ve made more progress here in six months than I’ve made in years attending other group classes.
Jelani KellyJelani Kelly
00:56 04 Jun 22
I have nothing but good things to say about HITW. It is a great facility, clean, and Jess and Kyle are very welcoming. I stumbled across them at a time that I was trying to find joy in exercise again. They made me feel at home and the already planned workouts and team environment made me look forward to going to the gym. I'm 3 months in and have no plans of going anywhere else.
Robin SchweitzerRobin Schweitzer
02:38 01 Jun 22
HITW is a great community with excellent coaching. No matter where you are at in your weightlifting journey they have something for you. I was in Dallas for 6 months as a beginner/intermediate weightlifter. Lots of advanced lifters work out here too, but they will make you feel welcome. Don't be intimidated! I made a ton of progress with both strength and technique during my time training with this team. I also saw the progress others made. The coaches are knowledgeable and incredibly supportive.
thaige doranthaige doran
23:06 13 May 22
Kyle & Hunger in the Wild are extremely professional , welcoming, encouraging, and knowledgeable. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete, they strive to bring the most out of every member. Joining HITW is unlike any other experience because you don’t feel like another gym member, rather you feel like a member of a community, a family. I would definitely recommend trusting them with your fitness journey!