Build Strength, Lose Weight and Increase Performance!

Hunger in the Wild

Dallas, Texas

More Value

Experience world class coaching, professional programming and state of the art strength equipment. 

Achieve More

Training programs and systematic micro-progressions to help you achieve your goals.

Better Results

Individually designed programs and packages to help you become the ultimate version of yourself.

Class Memberships

Unlimited Classes, Reserved Equipment and 24 Hour Facility Access

Strength & HIIT

A thoughtful and logically structured strength & conditioning program that’s designed to build muscle, burn fat and help you achieve the body of your dreams. This class represents HITW’s foundation and is recommended for all levels of individuals.

HIIT Conditioning

A high intensity interval training conditioning program that occurs 2x weekly. This style of training is great for all athletes and offers performance benefits that no other style of training can achieve. This class is suitable for all individuals and all fitness levels.

Olympic Weightlifting

A 90 minute free flow training session that reserves platform space and specialty equipment for members and teammates. You’ll learn proper technique and build incredible strength while learning from one of the top weightlifters in the country. 

Barbell Mobility

A unique blend of traditional yoga and modern methods that delivers results to all of those who incorporate. The class is designed to complement HITW’s training programs by focusing on the muscles and joints that need your attention the most.

Gym Memberships

24 Hour Facility Access

24 Hour Facility Access

Sometimes our daily lives and weekly schedules conflict with group coaching and class opportunities. The days of “missing workouts” are over. The HITW 24 hour facility access program is designed to help you increase training consistency.



Your questions answered.

No. All memberships include a personal 24 hour access code.

No. Facility access memberships are only valid for gym access and use. If you want coaching, you should sign up for the class membership.

Yes. Weekly passes are $100.00 and daily passes are $25.00.

You’ll receive unlimited access to all HITW group classes; including Olympic weightlifting, Strength & HIIT, HIIT Conditioning and Mobility. You also have access to reserved equipment during class times, professional coaching and instruction, private facebook group access and a 24 hour facility access code.

You’ll receive 24 hour facility access. This membership is best for experienced lifters who do not need coaching or instruction. You can use the facility and equipment at anytime throughout the day so long as it is not reserved for a scheduled group class.

Yes. We have private coaching packages and sessions available for purchase. Please see the private coaching page underneath the gym memberships tab.

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